Field Notes

On Tuesday, I got home to find a nice little surprise in my mail slot. It was a brown envelope from Chicago and was containing my much anticipated order of Field Notes. Which was very nice.

Field Notes

I’ve been reading Coudal for the past five or so years. I was first lead to them when I chased a link for a Western State video featuring either Andy Mueller or Geoff Mcfetridge which, most likely stemmed from reading Crailtap one day.

Field Notes Brand Just as I had chased a link to Coudal’s site, one day I chased a link to Draplin Design Co. and that was where I first found out about Field Notes. I am somewhat of a notebook/sketchbook enthusiast. I don’t know why, I always have been since a young age. Not including my 2 X3 packs of Field Notes, in my immediate reach I could grab at fourteen different books in all shapes, sizes, and papers. Some with notes/sketches some waiting. And a couple that might not even see anything now that these are here. And as much as I enjoy memo books, I really appreciate well designed products by creative people for other creative people. I opened the package, dumped the contents out, and enjoyed. The package also included a Field Notes pen and pencil, as well as a Coudal sticker, which was a nice extra that I really appreciated. Especially the Bic Clic. I love that pen. I have a stash of them from trips to horse tracks. And man, let me tell you, I thought the books were good lookin’ online, the details are done so well.

One of the things that I think I’m going to benefit from the most, is the fact that they are saddle stitched instead of sewn like Moleskin’s. I keep mine in my back pocket all the time and they tend to get a little beat up. Since they aren’t sewn and the cover isn’t perf’d from the stitch, I don’t think they will tear as easily at the fold.

As for the inside, the ruler on the back inside cover has already come in handy. I learned who the founding fathers of the staple were (S. Slocum, G. W. McGill and W. J. Brown.) There are a bunch of other little details to enjoy on the back cover, including a list of pratical applications. A couple good ones of the 30 being, 15. Shoddy Sketches, 24. Treasure Maps, and 25. Gambling Debts. The front inside cover has a nice little place for information in the case that you might, lets say, leave your book in the room of an Atlanta hotel on your birthday while visiting home and attending the How conference (Still furious about that.) What else could I say about them, they are just a well made and thought out product with great details. There is just something about them that you have to appreciate, more than just being a 48 page memo book. And they are “Proudly Printed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.”

Field Notes

Sep.14, 2007 | Category: Art & Design


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  1. steve loseen on September 17th, 2007 12:27 am

    i love these. you can get them in l.a at secret service in downtown, on industrial

  2. jenny on September 29th, 2009 12:48 pm

    Did you know your review is on their website? I was checking it out and found a link to your review.

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