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That up there … well, that’s just a little something that got conjured up for the Eden blog. Awhile back, a hurricane of a request came in for a new Eden web-initiative called Guest Blogger and they needed a logo for it and well, just a little proud of this one.

Not too often does my work make it up here, a little too critical of it all (which will change, cause things are about to change around this corner of the interwebs.) But, this one still sits high with me. Personally, I feel like I’m a weak logo designer and have to work harder on logos than anything else, but I’m alright with that.

The idea of the internet and blogging is a pretty vague thing, then add “guest” to it all and things get even more blurry. The vibe of a typewriter and ways of old correspondence seemed like a good fit for Eden.

The logo went through a few stages after some quick sketches (I’d show the sketches, if I could find them.) After sketches, needed the perfect typewriter to base the logo off of and settled on this old Royal. From there, the illustration went through a couple simplification phases and tweaks.


One of the challenges to designing initiative-driven logos for Element is the need to incorporate the tree logo into the new logo. After illustrating the typewriter itself, it was time to add the tree logo into the final logo, the sheet of paper was added to feature the mark. Early on, I knew that I wanted the logo to be featured in a circle of sorts—after a few adventures in different applications, it ended up being the type—so the sheet of paper was a natural choice to fill the empty space in the center, without having a floating element.

The font used is Filosofia, the brand’s primary serif. The type needed to be simple and compliment the logo.

After that, the logo went past a few people’s eyes and got put in to action. And there you go, that’s the story of how the Eden guest blogger logo came about.

Sep.24, 2010 | Category: BS Art & Design


3 Responses to “Eden Logo”

  1. al swanson on September 24th, 2010 5:32 pm

    nailed it, love hearing the inside story

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