Circle Board in New York City

Anthony Pappalardo in Circle Board in New York City. Film by: William Strobeck


Oct.27, 2009 | Category: Art & Design, Short Films, Skateboarding


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  1. Anthony Pappalardo Rides the Circleboard « The FADER on October 29th, 2009 3:13 pm

    [...] There is a renewable life metaphor somewhere within this video of Anthony Pappalardo riding a Mark Gonzales crafted “circleboard,” a tangle of skateboards curled into a wheel. Though most know Pappalardo as a professional skater, we’re just as equally fond of him as a craftsman, having featured his incredible wood benches in a recent issue of our magazine. Check out footage from a recent show he had in Brooklyn. It’s nice to reconcile these two Pappalardo’s—the smiling man riding through the streets on a bulky contraption and the artisan with pristine skill. Together they make a well rounded man—there’s that metaphor! (via Bobby Sattler) [...]

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