Lake Big Bear and My Creators


Back in late July of the year that is now known as two thousand nine, Jeff (Dad) and Karen (Mom) made their annual trek out to the Left Coast for a week’s worth of fun in the sun with their son. This year, instead of the regular bouts that we’ve had, we made our way up to Lake Big Bear for a couple days and nights.

Our first night there, after some dinner, we set our plans for our adventure that was to be had the next day. After some discussions, interwebal research and some cold golds, we set our sites on the Cougar Crest Trail to the part of the Pacific Crest Trail to the top around 8,000 feet. With just one small misguided directional choice, we’re putting the round trip to the top and back down around 10 or 11 miles. Then after the hike, it was some damn-good BBQ then a trip out onto the lake in a pontoon boat.

The rest of the photos are up on on Flickr, you should check them out. It will make my parents feel happy that you invested some time in their adventure. And if you know Jeff and Karen, you don’t want to disappoint them because they’re the best.





Aug.30, 2009 | Category: BS, BS Photography, The Open Road


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