LeBron and Kobe Chalk Commercial

The Cavs are going into the night undefeated and could potentially pull off a second sweep to nudge that much closer to the Finals. Are we still on a colision course with Kobe and the Lakers, or are they going to trip and fall to either the Rockets or Nuggets? We’ll see.

It is a little weird that Nike has just now started to cross promote LeBron and Kobe. Is it purely because they are the last two to be awarded the MVP? It’s funny that they show LeBron’s youthful enthusiasm and excitement while Kobe seems to be completely jaded by the postseason, that’s almost how they’re playing right now… LeBron hasn’t turned it down since tip of the first game against Detroit, while Kobe has had a few bad nights. Anyhoot, good commercial.

Go Cavs.

They have released Kobe’s Most Valuable Puppet Commercial. No, I will not post it here. Go Cavs.

The third commercial in the series has been released. No, I will not be posting this one here either.

May.11, 2009 | Category: BS Art & Design, Commercials, Sports


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  1. juston on May 20th, 2009 11:45 am

    have you seen my 3 “CHAMPIONSHIP” rings?

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