Million Dollar Idea: Stovepipe New Era


Sometimes it’s hard to stay on trend with everything let alone start one. But, I think I might have racked up the latter with this one. My first yatch-buying idea of oh-nine, The Stovepipe New Era. This should be a household product by early next decade as soon as I get placement in some MTV shows and music videos. Considering collaborations, if you’d like to get on board, drop me a line.

Jan.07, 2009 | Category: Apparel, BS Art & Design


2 Responses to “Million Dollar Idea: Stovepipe New Era”

  1. chase on January 10th, 2009 10:35 am

    what in the flying hell is a stove pipe

  2. Bobby on January 10th, 2009 3:57 pm

    Stovepipe is another term for Top Hat.

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