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It’s been about a year since I started sailing… I’ve been on a race team, sailing the seas of Long Beach almost every week. But my fondness for all things nautical started long before that. My grandfather was a sailor—which I guess makes me a Son of a Son of a Sailor—and I always admired him for it and his sense of adventure.

This stack of Sailboat Logos, by C116Man is incredible. A day could be had just staring at all things that are great here.

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On a related sailing note… if you haven’t seen Deep Water yet, I suggest you put it to the top of your queue and watch it. Intense movie.

Jun.05, 2012 | Category: Art & Design

A Colorful Weekend

Josef Albers "Interaction of Color"

I read Josef Albers’ incredible book on color theory, The Interaction of Color. And it was an incredible and expansive way of thinking about the learning of color and color theory… then followed that up with Radiolab’s newest episode Colors.

The book is not short on amazing passages and it’s also not short on mind-bending theories and concepts. One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

Colors appear connected predominantly in space. Therefore, as constellations they can be seen in any direction and at any speed. And as they remain, we can return to them repeatedly and in my ways.

Reading Albers book for the first time—yes, a little late to the party on this one—has me leering at the full version with the 150 silkscreened plates that illustrate the theories… but now, I’m thinking I might get a pack of Color-Aid and re-read the book completing the exercises the next time through.

If you haven’t read Interaction of Color yet, I would highly suggest it.

Today, looking around some more about these theories, I came across this nicely done video from Dwell about Albers and the Albers Foundation.

Jun.03, 2012 | Category: Art & Design