Clear for iPhone

I can’t remember the last time I anticipated the release of an app for my phone. I’m not a huge app user, I have my favorites, but I’m not always on the fox hunt for something new and amazing. Then, came along Clear.

These are some of the best use of the multi touch gestures I’ve seen in an app. The design is simple and void of—seemingly from the video—of any, or many nuances.

Jan.27, 2012 | Category: Art & Design, Inspiration

Crap = Good

One of my new favorite blogs Crap = Good. Good crap…

Jan.26, 2012 | Category: Art & Design

Element 20 Years

Last June, I went to New York with Element to shoot the Spring 2012 catalog and lifestyle campaign. Which, was going to be my first time going to the city, but in May, I had to fly in—such a short trip, that I checked in to my return flight as soon as I landed at JFK—to check out a space for an event that Element was going to have in July.

So, I went from never being to NYC, to going three times, in three months. It ended up being a pretty intense summer of traveling, between those three trips and some others that went down.

We went with Nick Garcia and Donny Barely along with the creative team of Kirk Dianda, Marc Falkenstien, photographer Brian Gaberman and myself.

Here’s the video that just released and some selects from the shoot.











Jan.18, 2012 | Category: BS Art & Design, Skateboarding, The Open Road

Mark Suciu

This is the kind of part that gets me excited about skateboarding.

Jan.16, 2012 | Category: Skateboarding

Moonrise Kingdom

Not much you have to do to get me excited about a new Wes Anderson project—it’s no secret that I’m a fan of his work. When the trailer finally landed itself in front of my eyes, I sat back in anticipation and the thing that caught me right away was the departure from Futura.

Jan.13, 2012 | Category: Art & Design, Inspiration, Movies