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Almost everyday, I grab some sort of gem off the interwebs and tuck it in a dated folder. A bunch of stuff that intrigues me. All for reference, influence and inspiration. These don’t even count everything that ends up on The BS Report.

I go through them occasionally, scrolling through them like you might flip through a magazine. I started dating the folders, to give a reference point to the tears. Rather than just having one large folder, with everything piled in, the dates give an idea of when and why it was tucked away. It’s funny to look back through, I can tell what kind of projects I was working on or getting ready to work on.

Apr.28, 2011 | Category: BS, Inspiration

Tokyo Olympiad

Amazing, beautiful cinematography from Kon Ichikawa from his 1965 documentary Tokyo Olympiad. If anyone out there has a copy of this, that they’d like to let me borrow, I’d be more than happy to.

Out of print and the ones out there aren’t going for cheap.

Apr.25, 2011 | Category: Inspiration, Movies, Sports

Middle Brother – The Loft UCSD


A couple recent photos from a Middle Brother concert. If you haven’t given the Middle Brother album a listen yet, I’d suggest it. It’s good — there’re a couple skunks on the album — but they’re a good one to see live.

The last photo is Dynamite Walls at Belly Up.

Apr.17, 2011 | Category: BS Photography, Music, The Open Road

Mt. Laguna — April 2011

A few weeks ago, went camping with the red head, her mom and a few others. Absolutely incredible. Although, incredibly windy. These were from the Mobilization Station™, the real photos will be up soon.


Apr.17, 2011 | Category: BS, BS Photography, The Open Road