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Aug.14, 2010 | Category: Inspiration, Short Films

Hamilton MFG’Co. Type Drawer Cabinet

Hamilton MFG'Co.

One of my favorite parts of my gig is having to go out treasure hunting for various projects and photo shoots. While in the fox holes and hot boxes that are junk stores and antique shops, I’ll snap shots with the Mobilization Station. I don’t always post them to the Mobile BS Report, but it just so happened that this is one of my all time favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It’s a toss up with this one…

Forgot to check the year on this Hamilton MFG’Co. type drawer is from, but it caught my eye from three aisles away. As soon as I was toe-to-toe with this beast, I was staring straight down all the drawer handles. The in-your-face nameplate handles and how they look infinite, the weathered wood and drawer labels were all it took to capture this moment forever. And there you go.

Here’s to junkin and type.

Aug.11, 2010 | Category: BS, BS Photography

Two Door Cinema Club

A few Irish lads making some purty damn good tunes. Two Door Cinema Club.

Aug.01, 2010 | Category: Music