Winter Time Lapse

A good Thursday afternoon watch. Amazing time lapses by Brad Kremer.

Sep.24, 2009 | Category: Photography

Pictorial Webster’s


You know in life, those rare things that you see or hear about and it immediately makes you think about what you’re doing is completely, fucking minuscule? You know, the kind of thing that your first thought is something along the lines of “I’m doing it all wrong.”

Yea, that’s what this video and book is all about. Watch it and sit back and think to yourself about how you’re doing it all wrong and you know that, I know that,  you know that you’d rather be doing something like this.

Absolutely amazing.


Sep.24, 2009 | Category: Art & Design

The World’s Most Iconic Photos


A picture might be worth 1×1,000 words but, Iconic Photos adds to this and delivers some amazing commentary and back stories to some of the world’s most important photos.

Go… enjoy, learn, embrace and share.

Sep.03, 2009 | Category: Collectables, Photography

Life of a Gypsy


Like most, I like to go on Google’s Life database and do random searches for different stacks of images. Tonight, after I posted the Gypsies on Two Wheels post, I went pokin’ around for some gypsy photos. Hands down, has to be one of the best collections of images on there. This one is worth your time, trust me.

Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5.

Sep.02, 2009 | Category: Collectables, Photography, The Open Road

Gypsies on Two Wheels


Now, who here doesn’t like motorcycles? Yeah, I know, no one. It was a rhetorical question.

You either ride one, wished you rode one or like ‘um but are to scared to ride one. It’s okay, we all fall into one of those three categories. Just as much the excitement that comes from riding/seeing motorcycles out on the open highway, is the history and especially the graphical and pictorial history of motor cycles.

Coming across something like this amazing visual tour of The New England Gypsy Tour might make your day. Might even make you lose and hour or so of you busy day. When Ricki’s not workin’ on spot riggin‘ and filmin‘, this is what his brain is going nuts over.

This stuff is just too good to not enjoy.










Sep.01, 2009 | Category: Art & Design, Collectables, The Open Road

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