Lake Big Bear and My Creators


Back in late July of the year that is now known as two thousand nine, Jeff (Dad) and Karen (Mom) made their annual trek out to the Left Coast for a week’s worth of fun in the sun with their son. This year, instead of the regular bouts that we’ve had, we made our way up to Lake Big Bear for a couple days and nights.

Our first night there, after some dinner, we set our plans for our adventure that was to be had the next day. After some discussions, interwebal research and some cold golds, we set our sites on the Cougar Crest Trail to the part of the Pacific Crest Trail to the top around 8,000 feet. With just one small misguided directional choice, we’re putting the round trip to the top and back down around 10 or 11 miles. Then after the hike, it was some damn-good BBQ then a trip out onto the lake in a pontoon boat.

The rest of the photos are up on on Flickr, you should check them out. It will make my parents feel happy that you invested some time in their adventure. And if you know Jeff and Karen, you don’t want to disappoint them because they’re the best.

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Wanted: Sharpie in Cold Hard Steel


Sharpie, how can I thank you for this? I mean, I was already pretty close to being a walkin’-badass with my Field Notes Bic-clicker. Now with the addition of this elegant beaut to my pocket, I’ll be like a combination of Rocky III and The Karate Kid tough. Thanks Sharp, we all owe you for this one.

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By the Sea and the Stars



I don’t think I can really put into words how these kinds of nautical and navigational astronomy informational graphics really make me feel so, I am going to use a video on boob tube to help. Click here. I’ll wait.

Yup, that’s pretty much it ‚Ķ I go nuts for this kind of stuff. My daily inspiration for the last couple months has come from the pages of these two treasures. When the time is right, I will be posting the handiwork of these two golden books of motivation.

It’s not just books and illustrations that do it either, it’s all things navigational. I have a small collection of compasses and cartographer’s tools as well. The compass collection all started from a tear-jerker-of-a-story involving my Mom and my first move out of the house but, that story is best told over a cold beer so, call me the next time your havin’ a cold one and maybe I’ll tell you. And just one peak at this picture of good ole’ Grandpa-Captain-Ron is all you need to see to know why I’ve got nautical runnin’ through my veins.

Speaking of staying on course, let’s get back to it.

Flickr-user that goes by the handle OneTwentyEight, has really made Flickr a better place to hang out with the addition of his Nautical and Navigational Astronomy set. Hats off and beers in the air, this cheers is for you Mr. OneTwentyEight. We all owe you a drink for this one.



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Just gave myself one of the better 38.5 minute presents of the year and I suggest you do the same. The present? The xx’s new album “2.0″.

After listening to The xx’s new album “2.0″, I went visual shopping on boob tube to see what kind of compliments they had for this album. The results are the above video for the song “Basic Space.” Real good stuff.

Oh, a little bit of advice. If one of your good friends sends you a song the night before on your home computer and the next day at work you send him the link to this video. Then you ask which song he sent you the night before, he’ll get mad.

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1956 Raleigh Dealer Book


Back in June, for my birthday present, my Dad finally handed down his 70s Raleigh. We think it’s a ‘74 but, he can’t pinpoint it.

It’s taken a good 3+ years for him to hand this bad girl down to me (not pictured here). One time, a couple years back, he had finally came to reason and agreed to let me take the reins of the steed and my Mom chirped in and because she “wasn’t ready to see it go yet” I had to wait patiently a year or so longer. And well, I’m okay with that statement but, let’s be real Mom, by end of the bike’s time with you it was being treated like Sloth. The thing sat in the garage for years, hadn’t seen the streets much since I last rode it years ago. I didn’t really buy that as a justifiable reason to not pass down this Sattler legacy. Tales of being ridden from the mean streets of Copely, OH to the edge of Lake Erie and illegally being transported to Canada aside, it was time to let go.

Then one day, back in May before my Dad’s birthday, Mom called with a special request to ship back a favored family Webster’s dictionary that was given to me by her on my departure to Orlando for college. This is where I saw my opportunity to barter. If it was a dictionary she wanted, it was a bike that she was gonna have to let go. (Hey, who said deals are always easy or clean, even if it is your Mom and your trading one of your Dad’s cherished possessions for another.)

Let it go they did. Apparently after discussions around the round table (kitchen) a few hours before the trade deadline it was decided that it was time to make this deal. 3 boxes showed up to my desk-step on June 12th, 2009. Partially disassembled and meticulously¬† packed in custom boxes (I’ve been told they took hours to make), the bike has finally been passed down a generation. From one witty, slightly-good lookin’ Sattler man to another witty, slightly-better lookin’ Sattler man. After inspections from team doctors, the trade had been finalized.

I now have one of the beloved Sattler legacies sitting in my apartment, ready to be worked on and restored to her glory. Then I will be able to build my own tales of illegal border crossing and long distance treks too. And one day hopefully be able to pass down this 2nd generation heirloom to my offspring or dog.

As sit you sit there bored, you ask yourself what does any of this bullshit have to do with graphic design or the such. I direct your attention to this amazingly illustrated Raleigh 1956 Dealer’s Reference Book on Flickr from Stronglight. If you’re itchin’ for more classic Raleigh, be sure to carouse this section of the internet.


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