Last night I was playing around with some of my photos and Poladroid. The first two are from Italy and the third is from home in Long Beach. There are a few more up on The BS Report.

Feb.26, 2009 | Category: BS Art & Design, BS Photography, The Open Road

NYC Subway Destination Scrolls



From Winter Works in Brooklyn, NY comes some amazing reproductions of 1940s New York City subway destination scrolls.

Feb.20, 2009 | Category: Art & Design

BS Report

The BS Report

Feb.18, 2009 | Category: BS Art & Design, The Wire

Leslie Miles

Leslie Miles–The aim is not to be everyone’s tenth favorite blog, but rather ten people’s favorite blog. Some really good stuff up there.

Light Focus

Well, it seems as though my slight obsesion with tight, out of focus light bulbs is nowhere close to ending. I took these around my apartment tonight.


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Feb.18, 2009 | Category: BS Photography

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