Goodbye Oh-Eight, Hello Oh-Nine.

Fine in Oh-Nine

From all of me here, to all of you out there. Happy New Year. I hope 2008 brought you happiness and hoping Oh-nine brings you more. Here’s to you. Cheers, see you next year.

And if you thought that poster was a little too subtle, read more for the R-rated one.


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Dec.31, 2008 | Category: BS, BS Art & Design

Prelinger Library Set

Kick around in this great set of books.

Dec.30, 2008 | Category: Art & Design, Found on Flickr, The Wire

Max Wolf Stero Photography



I’ve been on a bit of an astronomy kick lately. Not sure why, just really charmed by all the imagery for it. I picked up an amazing textbook from 1961 while in Atlanta—picture to come.

Anyhoot, I was kicking around Flickr looking for some vintage Astronomy imagery and I tripped and fell hard into this amazing collection of starry sky-stereo photography by Max Wolf. Just great stuff.

After you’re done with that set, be sure to look at this set of scientific stereo photography. And if you’re really feelin’ frisky, delve into all the other sets. All very good.

Dec.30, 2008 | Category: Found on Flickr, Photography

5 Years Time

FUN FUN FUN. Enjoyable song and video by Noah and the Whale. {via}

Dec.30, 2008 | Category: Music

WP 2.7

If you’re running on ‘Press, I highly recommend you update to 2.7. Really good updates.

Dec.29, 2008 | Category: The Wire

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