N+M Covers by Erwin Poell

A great set of N+M covers brought to us by Things To Look At. Designed by Erwin Poell in the 60 and 70s. A few more here.

Nov.29, 2008 | Category: Art & Design, Magazines & Books

Upside Down Dogs

It speaks for itself, upsidedowndogs.com.

Nov.29, 2008 | Category: BS, The Wire

Three Kings

Great series of prints of Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, and Johnny Cash by Modern Anthem. I found these beauts while updating the reference library.

Nov.29, 2008 | Category: Art & Design, The Wire

Season Six

So far, the seasons been pretty good.

Nov.28, 2008 | Category: Sports

Acme Products

Illustrated catalog of Acme products.

Nov.26, 2008 | Category: Art & Design, BS, The Wire

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