Sweet As A Peach


While doing some more research on peach-crate labels, I came across this wonderful crop. Good stuff.

Apr.27, 2008 | Category: Art & Design


A brief explanation about the ¶.

Apr.26, 2008 | Category: Art & Design, The Wire

Presidential Faces

A Font For Change

How important is a presidential candidate’s choice of campaign font? Could the choice be important enough that it could make or break the campaign? Since we are down to three choices for the next inhabitant of an office with no corners, here are a few links to articles about a candidate and their fontMr. Obama, J. McCain, & Mrs. Bill Clinton.

That’s about as political as I’ll get around here and since it’s technically about design, the previous post is as political as it will get around here.

Apr.26, 2008 | Category: Art & Design

Likes to Party All the Time…

Party Girl

As I was searching for some information on another post I’m typing up, I came across this photo opt. And the very first thing that came to mind was this song…

Apr.26, 2008 | Category: BS



Apr.26, 2008 | Category: Art & Design

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