Happy New Year!

Watch at or after midnight wherever you are in the world and know I’m wishing you a Happy New Year! -Bobby

Dec.31, 2007 | Category: BS

Juno Opening Titles

Juno Titles

As a follow up to the post about Juno. Here is a link for the opening titles as created by Shadowplay Studio. Who were also behind the lovely titles for Thank You For Smoking. {via}

Dec.31, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

Bending Light

Bending Light

Bending Light photoset are photos captured directly onto 35mm film. “Refraction patterns made by light passing through various glass and transparent objects.” {via}

Dec.31, 2007 | Category: Art & Design, Photography

Futurama Taglines

For your viewing, the full collection of taglines from Futurama on Flickr.

Dec.31, 2007 | Category: BS, The Wire

Behind Closed Doors

Alison Jackon: “Confidential“. Wow.

Dec.31, 2007 | Category: Art & Design, Photography, The Wire

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