Goin’ Over Board

Tow Boat

“I next saw Jimmie about a month after this and we had a cup of coffee together and talked about the incident. He was smoking a Camel Non-filter but didn’t even need an ashtray beacuse his hands were still shaking too much for the ash to build up to any degree.” Read the story at the bottom of the page, after the photos. AMAZING!

Aug.31, 2007 | Category: BS

Found on Flickr Friday

Found on Flickr Friday—Smokes

Publicidad de tabaco y otras imágenes curiosas. Secuelas de exfumadora. Err, I mean, Tobacco advertising and another peculiar images. Look closely and you’ll find a Keith Harring and a couple Paul Rand’s.

Aug.31, 2007 | Category: Found on Flickr

Vintage Transportation Adverts


A collection of old auto, motorcycle, railroad adverts for sale. Not sure if I would buy one, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Aug.30, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

The Underwater World of Antartica

The Underwater World of Antartica

Amazing photography.

Aug.30, 2007 | Category: Art & Design


The Selk’bag is not just any old sleeping bag with movable arms and legs, it is made from premium insulating materials, meaning that you’ll be running about in complete warmth in almost any weather the UK climate can throw at you.

Aug.30, 2007 | Category: BS, The Wire

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