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Inspiration alert. This one is a time eater. You might want to go get a cup of joe and toss on a good-long album, I pass on to you Ad Access. 7,307 ads from the early 1900s broken down into 5 categories. I’m some where close to 1.5 2.5 3.5 hours deep into this monster. Here’s a couple gems that I’ve already found — The Pelican, Home Run in your living room by-Television, First Airline Helicopter, French Line.

I’ve been wanting to go camping again for a long time now. Maybe this time I’ll make a penny alcohol stove for all my cooking needs.

History of Branding.

There is some amazing imagery here. I really liked the stuff from the prohibition era.

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Deep Water

I love all things sailing. With that said this is going to be amazing! Deep Water. (via coudal)

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Wire Copy

Like that clever little title? That’s newspaper jargon for editorial copy supplied from outside sources. And that is my theme for today. I’m only posting links for things that I pulled off of other’s sites.

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Koyla Works in Paper. (via swissmiss)

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I really liked coming across Plan59. The Retro Graphics Archive. (via notcot)

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Really good one… The Skate Eraser (via so many different places today)

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I love maps. All of them. Especially unique ones. I just lost a real good amount of time while digging around at Strange Maps. I really liked China’s 1418 World Map and its story. (via The Serif)

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Make your own Eiffel Tower. (via DRAWN)

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Ever get sick of the really awesome web design of today? Well download this Firefox add-on and jump back to 1996. (via Rocketboom)

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Rice paddy art. (via pink tentacle)

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Looking back at the life and influence of Tom Snyder. Howard Cosell is an amazingly funny man. (via usa today)

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Starving in the Belly of a Whale, animated by Gal Shkedi is a lovely little story to go along side the song by Tom Waitts and Kathleen Breenan. (via myself. I know what the theme was I wrote that. But I couldn’t not post this.)

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New Feature

Things are really starting to spice up around here. I’ve decided to add my first weekly feature

Found on Flickr Fridays

For the first installment:

QSL cards (or letters) are exchanged to acknowledge ham radio contact between stations. Broadcast stations (mediumwave and shortwave) also offer colorful QSL cards to listeners who send in reports of reception.

QSL for WAKR-Akron Ohio

See you next week on F.F.F.

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Patent Insides

Everybody is a designer. Aren’t Wednesdays just great…

With the release of Shilo’s We Make it Good , the first film from the DVD/book City of Good has been posted.

Type the Sky

Mumble’s Excellent Gallery. Was that one of Craig’s I saw in there? I think it was.

I watched the first one last week—now I think I’m hooked on AMC’s Mad Men.

Tea Sketches.

Experimental Typography Movies.

You know when you see something and the very first thing that runs through your mind is—I should have thought of that. That’s what just happened to me. Brush & Rinse.

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