Eating my words

So here I am eating my words about the iPhone. I said I would wait for the 2nd gen phone but there I was this morning at the Apple store. And now I’m making a post from it. This thing is AMAZING!

Jun.30, 2007 | Category: BS

Move over Picasso

Amazing finger paintings by a 3 year old.

Jun.22, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

39,000 words

World famous photos.

Jun.22, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

Tunnel house

A prima vista sembra il solito trompe d’oeil disegnato o ritoccato al computer, invece questo “spaventoso” tunnel che sta ingoiando la casa in un buco nero esiste veramente! Here.


Jun.21, 2007 | Category: BS

Ach Too Oh

High speed droplets of colored water.

High speed droplets of water

Jun.21, 2007 | Category: BS

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