Sony’s flexible OLED

Just a work in progress, Sony’s 2.5 inch, 160×120px resolution, flexible screen is something special. This has plenty of capabilities, but I would like to see this technology integrated into a flexible cell phone. And then Apple would just have produce/source out a flexible hard drive and we could have flexible iPhones.

May.28, 2007 | Category: BS

ISO 50 updates

Ryan beat me to this one, but Scott Hansen has some new prints for sale in his ISO50 store.

May.27, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

Pacific North West

Last weekend I was up in Oregon to help celebrate the big five zero. Spent one night in Portland and then off to Columbia River Gorge to catch some prehistoric fish. It was beautiful there. Even with the rain.

2 Man Band

This was a 2 man band that set up shop at the Saturday market in Portland. I should have bought their CD, but when I came back around they were long gone. They killed it with a rendition of Old Macdonald. No joke.

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May.26, 2007 | Category: BS, The Open Road

Square America

Square America is a gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography. And I must say there are some amazing photos.


May.26, 2007 | Category: Collectables, Photography

We make it good

Shilo’s first publication—a book/dvd published by YWFT. Watch the monograph here. Very nice.

Screen grab from Shilo’s monograph “we make it good”

May.26, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

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