Art Dump video

This is a cool, minute long video of Andy Jenkins and Tony Larson setting up for the Monster Children Gallery.
(via the art dump)

Apr.30, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

Design podcasts

There are some good podcasts here.

(via The Serif)

Apr.30, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

Mumble + José Parlá

Mumble Show 2 featuring the work of José Parlá – The Elsewhere Community.

jose parla via mumble magazine

Apr.30, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

At World’s End

Trailer for the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean.

pirates of the caribbean

Apr.30, 2007 | Category: BS

Mattias Inks

Mattias Adolfsson is a Swedish Illustrator, who likes to draw what he thinks. And his work is fancy. Check out his site.


Apr.29, 2007 | Category: Art & Design

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