This is by far my favorite entertainment moment of the year.

Dec.15, 2014 | Category: BS

George Lois Creative Mornings

George Louis is a very polarizing designer and personality for me. His work is undeniable. His personality is blunt. If you’ve read this most recent book Damn Good Advice, you know what I mean.

It’s great to listen and watch him talk about his work and career at Creative Mornings NYC.

Dec.13, 2012 | Category: BS

Tis the Season…



My good friend and incredible artist Todd Francis recently teamed up with Equal Dist. for a very special holiday project. Tis the Season for Suicide is a black-humored, four-peice ornament set illustrating different ways to off yourself during the yuletide. I put my order in and received them just in time to go up on this year’s tree.

They’re available at Equal Dist. Put up a set and watch the reaction of your straitlaced friends and family.

More of Todd’s work can be seen here & here.

Dec.03, 2012 | Category: BS

Element for Port

Just wrapped up another project with Port. This time it was a video short to promote the new release for a collaboration between Element and Port.

After talking with the owners of Port, we decided that the video should be fun and different than what others had done previously to promote cruisers.

The concept came to me on the homeward drive from a road trip I took up to Salt Point State Park. When I got back, I pitched the idea to my good friend and creative collaborator, Ryan Dearth. He and I then fished scripting and storyboarding the concept and pitched it back to Port.


After the creative process, it was time to produce the video. We lined up dates, people, talent, etcetera. We were lucky to be able to work with Element team rider, friend and Long Beach local, Levi Brown. Who I had worked with many times before on Element photo shoots. Other close friends were called to help out with the shoot including photographer Jay Diebel, who was on hand shooting behind the scenes photos of the day.

We broke the shoot up into two parts. Part one, was to shoot everything that included personalities. The second part of shooting would come later, when we didn’t need such a big crew and Dearth and I could handle everything on our own.

Dearth went into the cave to get the first edit together. Then after getting the final shots we needed, he I spent a day working out the final details and worked on the final edit together.

It was a fun project and a great time working with so many good friends. Many thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

More of Jay’s behind the scenes photos can be seen over on Port’s site.


Oct.02, 2012 | Category: BS

Space Station Long Exposure Photography







Among all the other amazing things I saw on the interwebs today, this is the one that stopped me, right were I was at. Long exposure photos of the Space Station by Don Pettit, absolutely incredible.


Jul.16, 2012 | Category: BS

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