Expo ‘70 Japan – Stumped

Canada’s Color Bending Spinners.

A short while ago, I chased a link on Coudal to a Life database of images on Google from Expo ‘70 in Osaka, Japan — Asia’s first World Exhibition.

Not being one to shy away from an internet adventure, I casually clicked on the other images surrounding and wholly shit, was I in for it. Done-deal, I was in deep. And that’s when I was sucker-punched with the image of the stump sculpture. That one that sent me off, having to find out more.


The Stumps are from the British Columbia’s Pavilion. The overall theme of the 1970 Expo was Progress and Harmony for Mankind. The theme of the B.C. Pavilion was described as “The Vastness of Our Country, The Diversity of Our People and the Dynamics of Change involve us constantly in Discovery” and had 25,035,000 visitors during the exposition. Source: Canadian Heritage site.

Designed by legendary architect, Arthur Erickson and shot by Larry Burrows,  it was awarded Best Pavilion by the Architectural Institute of Japan. The fact that this was the winning exhibit, I would have imagined there to be more information about the design readily available. There’s barely a mention of it on the architect’s site. Never-mind the complete lack of imagery. This photo of people on the stumps and this image from The Rotarian are the only other images that I was able to find. At the 54 second mark of this video, there is a grainy 8mm shot of the towering stack of stumps. From that pulled back angle, it looks as though they could reach more than 200 feet.

Although I wished I found more details about The Stumps, while searching I came across plenty of extra, amazing imagery and information …

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Chop Cup

Follow the cup and ball, easy enough, right? Faaaaaaaace melter.

Well played by the folks at weareom. Be sure to watch the making of.

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