Futbol Animations

A couple months ago, a bunch of buddies and I started playing soccer again. Just a rag-tag group of good guys and good beer drinkers, playing for all the pride and glory. Our squad, Real Long Beach United is 2-1-1 going into our last game of the regular season. Since then, the spark for soccer and all things glorious is at an all time high.

These animations by Richard Swarbrick are both.


May.09, 2011 | Category: Art & Design, Inspiration, Sports

Tokyo Olympiad

Amazing, beautiful cinematography from Kon Ichikawa from his 1965 documentary Tokyo Olympiad. If anyone out there has a copy of this, that they’d like to let me borrow, I’d be more than happy to.

Out of print and the ones out there aren’t going for cheap.

Apr.25, 2011 | Category: Inspiration, Movies, Sports

World Cup

Here we are, 17 days away from the 2010 World Cup … and it couldn’t get here soon enough. I’m sure by now, you’ve seen this Nike commercial on the tube or online. Did you know it was an 18-month long project and involved director González Iñárritu? Neither did I, until I browsed the W+K section of the interwebs.

Make sure you’re fully ready for the World Cup with this free iPhone app by ESPN and this amazing World Cup calendar.

May.24, 2010 | Category: Art & Design, Sports

Runnin to the World Cup

Seriously? Who leaves their credit cards in a bowl on their coffee table?

US vs. England on my birthday … can’t wait. I love the World Cup.

via{it’s nice that

Feb.18, 2010 | Category: Commercials, Sports

D-Wade: Nightmares Never Sleep

Just saw this commercial for the first time tonight, while watching the Cavs take on some team from Orlando.

Feb.11, 2010 | Category: Commercials, Sports

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