The Black Keys — December 2010


Came across this photo, while editing my Aperture library, of The Black Keys from December 2010, when they played The Holiday Hootenanny.

Dec.28, 2011 | Category: BS Photography, Music

What’s a Girl To Do

Favorite music video of all time. The song came on shuffle today, and had to go watch this again.

Jun.08, 2011 | Category: Art & Design, Music

Middle Brother – The Loft UCSD


A couple recent photos from a Middle Brother concert. If you haven’t given the Middle Brother album a listen yet, I’d suggest it. It’s good — there’re a couple skunks on the album — but they’re a good one to see live.

The last photo is Dynamite Walls at Belly Up.

Apr.17, 2011 | Category: BS Photography, Music, The Open Road

Two Door Cinema Club

Gearing up to see these Irish lads Wednesday night, down at the Belly Up. If you still haven’t made yourself familiar with them yet, you probably should. This is gonna be a great show.

Oct.31, 2010 | Category: Music

Concerts, Captured

Been on a little bit of a concert terror lately with the lady and friends and family. 3 concerts in 4 days, this week with two more coming next week.

Some of the highlights so far have been Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, Delta Spirit,  and The Avett Brothers. Then Sunday, while the parents were on their annual California vacation, saw Local Natives—a must see and Tuesday night was Phoenix, down in San Diego. Got to say, that show kind of blew me away. I was expecting a good show, but those Frenchies took it above and beyond. Showmen, those guys, showmen.

And how ’bout those Local Natives, man … if you get a chance to see them in your town, or neighboring, I highly recommend it. High energy, instrument swapping, dancing—everything good. Go, have some suds and a good time.

Anyhoot, enough of the gushing and to the reason for all this gabble. I love taking pictures at the concerts. Almost always, I’m shooting with the Mobilization Station. Sometimes I end up with some gems, sometimes I do not—that’s just how it goes. I’m going to start putting up the my favorites in the Flickr filing cabinet. If you look over here, this will be the concert photos directory. Starting with Phoenix from Tuesday—unfortunately I didn’t get anything worthwhile at Local Natives.

With The Black Keys on Monday night, hopeful to add some more soon. From one Akron boy to another two—really looking forward to this one.

Sep.23, 2010 | Category: BS Photography, Music

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