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Your favorite Arts and Literature magazine, Annalemma, just posted a new feature today. Just happens that Chris fellow over there, happened to run a photo of mine to pair with the story written by Ben Tanzer, “Goddess”.

See the full photo over at Annalemma or after the jump.


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Annalemma: Now Fulfilling Your Wildest Dreams



Great, now that I have your attention, I’d like to take this interweb-moment to tell you about the new Annalemma site. Friend of us here at The BS Command Post, Chris Heavener has been up to some tricky business down there at the Annalemma HQ. He’s taken that special space on the web and did it up for a Saturday nigh out on the town.

Now, why don’t you follow this over to the all new Annalemma and poke around the new features. Yes, tell your friends and their parents.

*Wildest dream fulfillment not guaranteed to all customers.

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Annalemma Issue #4 Sneak Peak


In an almost-unprecedented move, I’ve up and posted something that I get my hands all dirty with.

The new issue of Annalemma landed in my mailbox today courtesy of one Chris Heavner. Wanted to get a quick sneak peak, for now. I’ve got to get back to another project that’s in the hopper.

More photos soon and a list of all of those involved that made this one happen.

Thanks again Chris, for letting me work on this with you.



Thanks for putting up with all my shit.


Yup, even Brandon threw down on this issue.


All the amazing contributors that made this one go down. Thanks to all.

Now, go over to the site and order this issue. I want to keep helping making these and getting them out to yous. If you ain’t getting down for the cause, then I can’t either. To quote Outkast “I live by the beat like you live check to checkā€”If you don’t move yo’ feet then I don’t eat, so we like neck to neck.” Replace ‘beat’ with a pun similar to project, issue, mag, et cetera and ‘move yo’ feet’ with something along the lines of, turn the page and it all ties together. (End shameless plug)

Also, Chris made his way to the land of Deep Dish, Cubs, and Wind to bring the heat to the people at AWP. Things went well, check out the scoop.

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Issue #4 Preview

Chris put a video preview of the new issue up.

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Annalemma Magazine

Pre order Issue #4.

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