Right when you thought you were on to something great—BOOM!—you got knocked back down. Personally, feel this is a refreshing commercial series. Never mind the initiative, the matter-of-factness about them grabs you right by the booms and takes you for a ride.

Sep.27, 2010 | Category: Art & Design, Commercials

Mouse vs. Trap

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Feb.22, 2010 | Category: Commercials, Inspiration

Runnin to the World Cup

Seriously? Who leaves their credit cards in a bowl on their coffee table?

US vs. England on my birthday … can’t wait. I love the World Cup.

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Feb.18, 2010 | Category: Commercials, Sports

Nike: The Human Chain

Dammit Nike, you did it again. Another amazing commercial.

Thanks to Ryan for the tip.

*Update — 02.18.10

Filmer extraordinaire and all time date keeper (you would not believe how this guy can recall dates of events),  Ricki “The Dude” brought to my attention something which I had completely over looked when I posted this.

A few years ago, DVS had a series of commercials that are very similar this Nike spot. The series was called Echo.

Feb.13, 2010 | Category: Commercials, Friends

D-Wade: Nightmares Never Sleep

Just saw this commercial for the first time tonight, while watching the Cavs take on some team from Orlando.

Feb.11, 2010 | Category: Commercials, Sports

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