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Element has sent me to some pretty amazing places to art direct photo shoots—Alaska, Seattle, New York and more. Although I had never been to Seattle or New York. Alaska was seemingly a long shot. The Last Frontier. It was a wild idea that worked perfectly into the campaign at the time, so it all worked out. Here are some pictures from my two trips up there. The scouting trip, by myself and the trip for the photo shoot. This is still one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. It’s still my desktop image.

Then, last year, the talks started to go to Chile. To shoot the Keep Discovering campaign. With the regular crew of knuckleheads and misfits.

I had been to South America one other time. To Peru, to visit my better half—Tracy–when she was there for 3 months, teaching and traveling. I got a good taste of the culture and the itch had been there to go back. Luckily, this trip came along.

We were in three parts. The cities of Santiago and Valpariso, for the skating side of things. Then into an area of the Andes, Yerba Loca.

Santiago was nice, but Valpariso and the Andes were by far my favorite parts of the trip. Valapriso is the San Francisco of Chile. Costal, hilly, bright victorian style houses. Great food and site seeing. It was so good, we made two separate trips there from Santiago. There was a two hour drive—each way. If that says anything about the beauty of the place.

The parallels between Valpariso and SF were amazing, we couldn’t help but continue to comment about the similarities while we were. The most surprising though, was that both cities were hit with devastating earthquakes in 1906. So similar, that the death tolls were almost identical. Pretty eerie.

This was a trip of trips. The cities, the people, food and mountains were all incredible.

Last week, Element released the video from the trip, edited by Kirk Dianda and Mark Stewart and filmed by Kirk and Cole Mathews. The photos from the shoot by Brian Gaberman.

Enough of my chatter … check out the video and photos.









Element 20 Years

Last June, I went to New York with Element to shoot the Spring 2012 catalog and lifestyle campaign. Which, was going to be my first time going to the city, but in May, I had to fly in—such a short trip, that I checked in to my return flight as soon as I landed at JFK—to check out a space for an event that Element was going to have in July.

So, I went from never being to NYC, to going three times, in three months. It ended up being a pretty intense summer of traveling, between those three trips and some others that went down.

We went with Nick Garcia and Donny Barely along with the creative team of Kirk Dianda, Marc Falkenstien, photographer Brian Gaberman and myself.

Here’s the video that just released and some selects from the shoot.











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Ever New… New York 1962


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Middle Brother – The Loft UCSD


A couple recent photos from a Middle Brother concert. If you haven’t given the Middle Brother album a listen yet, I’d suggest it. It’s good — there’re a couple skunks on the album — but they’re a good one to see live.

The last photo is Dynamite Walls at Belly Up.

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Mt. Laguna — April 2011

A few weeks ago, went camping with the red head, her mom and a few others. Absolutely incredible. Although, incredibly windy. These were from the Mobilization Station™, the real photos will be up soon.


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